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Conjugation Table for the Italian Verb Pagare

Conjugation Table for the Italian Verb Pagare pagare: to pay (for); buy; repayRegular  first-conjugation Italian verbTransitive verb (takes a  direct object) INDICATIVE/INDICATIVO Presente io pago tu paghi lui, lei, Lei paga noi paghiamo voi pagate loro, Loro pagano Imperfetto io pagavo tu pagavi lui, lei, Lei pagava noi pagavamo voi pagavate loro, Loro pagavano Passato Remoto io pagai tu pagasti lui, lei, Lei pag noi pagammo voi pagaste loro, Loro pagarono Futuro Semplice io pagher tu pagherai lui, lei, Lei pagher noi pagheremo voi pagherete loro, Loro pagheranno Passato Prossimo io ho pagato tu hai pagato lui, lei, Lei ha pagato noi abbiamo pagato voi avete pagato loro, Loro hanno pagato Trapassato Prossimo io avevo pagato tu avevi pagato lui, lei, Lei aveva pagato noi avevamo pagato voi avevate pagato loro, Loro avevano pagato Trapassato Remoto io ebbi pagato tu avesti pagato lui, lei, Lei ebbe pagato noi avemmo pagato voi aveste pagato loro, Loro ebbero pagato Future Anteriore io avr pagato tu avrai pagato lui, lei, Lei avr pagato noi avremo pagato voi avrete pagato loro, Loro avranno pagato SUBJUNCTIVE/CONGIUNTIVO Presente io paghi tu paghi lui, lei, Lei paghi noi paghiamo voi paghiate loro, Loro paghino Imperfetto io pagassi tu pagassi lui, lei, Lei pagasse noi pagassimo voi pagaste loro, Loro pagassero Passato io abbia pagato tu abbia pagato lui, lei, Lei abbia pagato noi abbiamo pagato voi abbiate pagato loro, Loro abbiano pagato Trapassato io avessi pagato tu avessi pagato lui, lei, Lei avesse pagato noi avessimo pagato voi aveste pagato loro, Loro avessero pagato CONDITIONAL/CONDIZIONALE Presente io pagherei tu pagheresti lui, lei, Lei pagherebbe noi pagheremmo voi paghereste loro, Loro pagherebbero Passato io avrei pagato tu avresti pagato lui, lei, Lei avrebbe pagato noi avremmo pagato voi avreste pagato loro, Loro avrebbero pagato IMPERATIVE/IMPERATIVO Presente - paga paghi paghiamo pagate paghino INFINITIVE/INFINITO Presente:  pagare Passato: avere pagato PARTICIPLE/PARTICIPIO Presente: pagante Passato: pagato GERUND/GERUNDIO Presente: pagando Passato: avendo pagato

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First Woman to Vote under the 19th Amendment

First Woman to Vote under the 19th Amendment An often-asked question: who was the first woman in the United States to vote the first woman to cast a ballot the first female voter? Because women in New Jersey had the right to vote from 1776-1807, and there were no records kept of what time each voted in the first election there, the name of the first woman in the United States to vote after its founding  is lost in the mists of history. Later, other jurisdictions granted women the vote, sometimes for a limited purpose (such as Kentucky allowing women to vote in school board elections beginning in 1838).   Some territories and states in the western United States gave women the vote: Wyoming Territory, for instance, in 1870. First Woman to Vote under the 19th Amendment We have several claimants to being the first woman to vote under the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. As with many forgotten firsts of womens history, its possible that documentation will later be found about others who voted early. South St. Paul, August 27 One claim to first woman to vote under the 19th Amendment comes from South St. Paul, Minnesota. Women had been able to cast votes in a 1905 special election in the city of South St. Paul; their votes were not counted, but they were recorded. In that election, 46 women and 758 men voted. When word came on August 26, 1920, that the 19th Amendment had been signed into law, South St. Paul quickly scheduled a special election the next morning on a water bond bill, and at 5:30 a.m., eighty women voted. (Source::Minnesota Senate S.R. No. 5, June 16, 2006) Miss Margaret Newburgh of South St. Paul voted at 6 a.m. in her precinct and is sometimes given the title of  first  woman to vote under the 19th Amendment. Hannibal, Missouri, August 31 On August 31, 1920, five days after the 19th amendment was signed into law, Hannibal, Missouri  held a special election to fill the seat of an alderman who had resigned. At 7 a.m., despite pouring rain, Mrs. Marie Ruoff Byrum, wife of Morris Byrum and daughter-in-law of Democratic committeeman Lacy Byrum, cast her ballot in the first ward. She thus became the first woman to vote in the state of Missouri and the first woman to vote in the United States under the 19th, or Suffrage, Amendment. At 7:01 a.m. in the second ward of Hannibal, Mrs. Walker Harrison cast the second known vote by a woman under the 19th amendment. (Source: Ron Brown, WGEM News, based on a news story in the Hannibal Courier-Post, 8/31/20, and a reference in the Missouri Historical Review Volume 29, 1934-35, page 299.) Celebrating the Right to Vote American women had organized, marched, and gone to prison to gain the vote for women.   They celebrated winning the vote in August 1920, most notably with Alice Paul unfurling a banner showing another star on a banner signifying ratification by Tennessee. Women also celebrated by beginning to organize for women to use their vote widely and wisely.  Crystal Eastman wrote an essay, Now We Can Begin, pointing out that womans battle was not over  but had just begun.   The argument of most of the woman suffrage movement had been that women needed the vote to participate fully as citizens, and many argued for the vote as a way to contribute as women to reforming society. So they organized, including transforming the wing of the suffrage movement led by Carrie Chapman Catt into the League of Women Voters, which Catt helped create.

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According to the question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

According to the question - Assignment Example ording to information obtained from (http://christojeanneclaude.net/projects/the-umbrellas#.VBAu-kDuPMw), â€Å"The Umbrellas project was supposed to cover an area of six to eight miles and a total of 3.000 Umbrellas with a height 12 feet and diameter 18 Feet were to be erected. Though the project was supposed to be temporary, it required the efforts of many people who would erect the umbrellas. This was quite an ambitious project given that it was huge and expensive but surprisingly, it was carried over a short period of time. A lot of money was injected in this project. The other fascinating thing about the project is that the umbrellas were meant to illuminate the inland valleys in a bid to establish the nature of relationship that existed between the people and the environment around them. The artists used space in which the umbrellas were exhibited in both countries as a way of trying to show the similarities and differences with regards to land use in different countries. In both countries for instance, the project became an instant hit with tourists since they attracted a lot of visitors from different walks of life. This project revealed that leisure is part of life of different citizens of the two countries where the project was exhibited. The other important element about the place where the project was exhibited is that recreational parks as well as open spaces can be converted for better use such as attracting visitors and this in turn helps to generate revenue. In other words, this project was inspirational in that it created employment for more than one thousand people and it helped to generate a lot of revenue. The other idea behind the project is that the exhibitors wanted to prove to the targeted people that certain pieces of land that are often viewed as idle can be converted for commercial purposes over a very short period of time. The artists were mainly concerned about showing that there is a close relationship between the people and the

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Describe and assess the evolution of China's science, technology, Essay

Describe and assess the evolution of China's science, technology, legal system and innovation policy - Essay Example As such, the Chinese government promotes the development of science and technology through increased funding, reforms in all sectors of economy. Currently, China has made significant advances in areas, such as high-tech manufacturing, education, patents, infrastructural development, commercial applications and academic publishing, some of which it has become the world leader. Currently, China is reportedly focusing on indigenous innovation, while at the same time trying to address the weaknesses in the area of science, technology and innovation in the country (Simon and Goldman 11). However, China has come a long way to reach where it has in terms of science, technology, and innovation. This paper analyzes the history of the Chinese science, technology, innovation, and legal system. Historically, China was a global leader in innovation, science, and technology. This was particularly so during the Qing Dynasty where China made significant innovations, including gunpowder, papermaking, compass and printing. These Chinese innovations contributed significantly to the economic growth of Europe and Asia. However, the Chinese focus on science, technology, and innovation soon faded from the wake of fourteenth century. The decline occurred since the Chinese scientists failed to form scholarly communities that would have helped them advance their research skills and development (Elman 43). At the same time, instead of focusing its effort on science, technology, and innovation, China concentrated on public administration, literature, and arts. In this regard, the Chinese people restricted science and technology only to limited practical applications. The increased focus on art, literature, and public administration resulted in a decline in Chinese intellectual with mathem atical and scientific skills who could carry out experiments. Lack of

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Case Study of Week Essay Example for Free

Case Study of Week Essay Analysis of the template is most suitable for Kinkead. The reason is based on the case, electricity meters (EM), power tools (EI) products for customers to perform the same basic function. So their alternatives, so it needs to calculate a sales combined variances template, template B did not provide this data. Part B Answer: According to the relationship between the BCG matrix, analysis of market share and market growth. First, for the EM 499 286 According to Table, the variance of the size of the market is unfavorable, the size of the market because their budget is 800000, but the actual market size of 650000, it does not implement the expectations. The EM market share difference to 0, with 10% of the actual and budgeted position, it will not change. Therefore, they are a cash cow. Therefore, EM is the Cash Cow. Additionally, the Kinkead has been a leading Australia firm, and EM is the older but still dominant technology. Followed by EI table EI of the variance of the size of the market for 374,464 budgets, the size of the market for 250,000, lower than the actual market size of 363,500, more than expected. The market share variance is 241,321 Unfavorable which has decrease from 10% to 8%. Therefore, EI question mark. In addition, EI technology is new, or experiment. EIs future is uncertain. Part C Answer: They seek cash cow product strategy, so there are two aspects of the important aspects of the performance, EM, reduce production costs and increase market share. More particularly, their market share of the difference does not change, which means it is a mature stage, and manufacturing has been standardized. So the company should take some new measures to reduce production costs. Secondly, the company should increase their market share, such as increased management fees. EI use of labeling strategies, there are three aspects of performance is very important to the EI. The first is the R ; D performance; they should increase R ; D costs continue to research new technologies for enterprises to create more profits in the future. Followed by market share, companies need to increase their market share of the product EI, because it is the mark phase of the problem, the future is uncertain. Thus, increasing its market share will change in the future star. Finally, production and sales is also very important, EI, because only effective production, to meet customer demand, increase the number of sales. Part D Answer: Assessment of the electromagnetic properties of the first actual sale price of $ 29, less than the standard price of $ 30, but only sold 65,000 units lower than planned sales of 80,000 units. There are two reasons led to this situation, first of all is their total market demand has been shrinking. Second, the actual sales commission EM is only $ 1, but the EI commission is $ 14. 9, which could lead salespeople do not want to sell the product. To evaluate the EI performance, the first problem is underpriced. Although the actual selling price is $153 which is higher than $150, the sale volume is 29,000 units which is large than budget 25,000 units. Secondly, although the size of the market from EI budget increase 250,000 units 362,500 units, the EI market share is not meet expectations, it has dropped from 10% to 8%. This means that the performance of the EI Company is not satisfied. Third, the staff may lack experience, because the actual manufacturing cost is $ 42. 1, higher than the standard $ 40. Finally, from a fixed cost analysis can be found, $ 121,000 of costs and unfavorable actual production costs are higher than the planned $ 11,000, from $ 1,388,000 to $ 1,399,000. Therefore, enterprises should improve production efficiency. On the other hand, the overall performance of EM and EI, and a profit of $ 51,000, cost of sales decreased $ 5,000 plans to invest $ 250,000 of the actual value of $ 245,000. The sales mix variance data can be found, there are more people choose EI, because the EI sales mix variance is $ 1,789,714! EM sales mix variance is $ 1,253, 571 should not be. The reason may be that the sales staff did not want to sell products EM, actual sales commission EI is 14. 9 dollars, but the commission is only $ 1. Second, EI is a new product and new technology, which will attract more customers to buy and more popular than the old.

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Blakes View on Oppression of Children by Adults Essay -- William Blak

Blake's View on Oppression of Children by Adults Blake was a poet who wrote in the Romantic period. He had idealistic views about life, and believed that the traditional country way of life was the best way to live. He despised the industry that was establishing itself in England because it was the opposite of the ideal country lifestyle that Blake idealised. The idea that Blake believed that children were oppressed is an interesting one, because, there are a number of poems which suggest different ideas about this topic. The poems that I will be using to address this issue are ‘The Echoing Green,’ ‘Nurses Song,’ from innocence and the ‘Nurses Song,’ from experience. ‘The Echoing green,’ is quite a positive poem. The image of the sun rising: ‘The sun does rise,’ on the first line symbolises new life beginning and immediately establishes a positive tone to the poem. In the second stanza Blake writes, ‘Such, such were the joys When we were all, girls and boys, In our youth time were seen On the echoing green.’ This image shows that the memories of the old people when they were children are of the ‘joys†¦On the echoing green.’ This doesn’t suggest that they as children were oppressed. The use of the word ‘joy,’ shows that people were happy to see them playing, and that they were happy too. Blake uses an image of children sitting about their mother’s knee, he writes, ‘Round the laps of their mothers Many sisters and brothers.’ This image of children around their mother’s knee is an image of security and safety. The fact that they feel they can sit about the knee of their mother, in this stereotypical image of a happy family doesn’t suggest that the children in this poem are oppressed... ...y has a negative view of the childish desire for play which clearly has an effect on the children. The fact that they the are whispering shows that they are afraid of the nurse, and that they cannot express their true thoughts and desires freely, which is why they whisper, and therefore shows that Blake feels that children are oppressed. I feel that the two poems from innocence which are ‘The Echoing Green,’ and ‘The Nurses Song,’ display Blake’s ideological view of country life which I referred to in my introduction, and show his desire for childhood to be enjoyed. But the ‘Nurses Song,’ form experience shows the reality of life: that it is hard, and people, like the nurse in the song aren’t happy and full of joy, like the memories of the old people in ‘The Echoing Green,’ and therefore, Blake’s poetry confirms the view that children are oppressed by

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System Analysis and Design – Midterm

Town of Eden Bay 1. The town of Eden Bay has many workers that are all determined to succeed, but without having a strategic plan set in place, as well as a clear mission statement the employee’s are becoming frustrated. Some of the workers have mentioned that they work off a budget from year to year without any sight of a long-term plan set in place. This will surely add to their frustration and prevent the town from setting and reaching its desired long-term goals. 2. The Maintenance Department’s SWOT Analysis Possible Strengths: Dedicated Staff Possible Weaknesses: Using Legacy Systems Poor Records/Data HandlingPossible Opportunities: Improving on Current System Future Company GrowthPossible Threats: More Efficient/Organized Competitor 3. Specific Steps to Follow During Preliminary Investigation: a. Analyze Systems Request b. Make Recommendations c. Interview with Management and Staff d. Identify Constraints e. Report to Upper Management with Findings 4. Out of the f our tests of feasibility I would perform an operational feasibility analysis to determine whether the project is worthwhile and profitable to the company. Countrywide Construction 1. The correct duration would be 65 Days. 2. Critical Path:Prep Foundation (10d)> Assemble Building (4d)> Final Inspection (30d)> >Arrange for Sale (3d) 4. PERT/CPM Chart: Chapter 4 Review Questions 3. JAD and RAD are teams both composed of users, managers, and IT staff. They differ from traditional fact-finding methods because the users, managers, and IT staff all work together to gather information and define new system requirements, whereas traditional methods are composed of all IT staff. These teams get a wider range of input due to the diverse nature of the team members. However, this can be costly or not as efficient if too many people are involved. 4.Total Cost of Ownership is the sum of the direct and indirect costs of installing a system. This is important to determine the actual total cost of a system. 5. Closed-ended questions limit the response but yield more specific information. Open-ended questions encourage spontaneous and unstructured responses. Range-of-Response questions are closed-ended questions that ask a person to evaluate something by providing limited answers to specific responses. 7. The Hawthorne Effect is a theory that people are more productive when being observed regardless of whether their working conditions are better or worse.This is significant because people may not work as harder when not being watched. 8. An FDD diagram is a model of business functions and processes. This is used to show how business functions are organized into lower-level processes. To create an FDD you would list the steps and tasks in order. 10. I would give the presentation to users, management, and IT staff. For users I would focus on their daily routines. For management I would focus on TCO. For IT staff I would focus on the technical specs and operations of the system.

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Before Sunset Analysis

Jesse verbally confirms the underlying desire that he wishes he was in Paris with her by stating, â€Å"I like being here. † In the car ride he reveals how unhappy he is with his marriage and over the last nine years he constantly dreams and reminisces about Cline. When he makes the comment about Liking being â€Å"here† It has various meanings. He literally Is answering to the fact that he Is happy he hasn't dissolved Into molecules but he Is really expressing that he Is happy he's In Paris and with Cline. As they continue on to her apartment down the road, Jesse observes the scenery and is amazed of whereCline lives. This is only the second time in the film that the camera zooms out enough to show all of their surroundings; first time showing Notre Dame on the boat ride. The camera shoots from behind them for a brief moment to show the area from their viewpoint. The director could have done a similar shot while they were walking through the park in the beginning of th e film but the focus was on their conversation and not to be on the scenery at that moment in the film. The two begin to approach Saline's cat In the courtyard, a metaphor for Jesses life can be seen.Saline's makes he point that every morning she brings the cat to the courtyard and every morning It embraces Its surroundings as If it was the first time It had ever been there; much Like Jesses reaction to the place after seeing It for the first time. Jesse however takes It as something deeper, as seen on his facial expression. It is thought that a happy marriage can be obtained if you are able to look at your spouse every day and fall back in love with them like it is the first time. Jesse, unhappy with his marriage and unable to do that, expresses his new for the cat through a sinking expression on his face.In order for the happiness to return to him he pleads for Cline to sing him one of his songs. This is one of various attempts throughout the movie to spend more time with her. She agrees to one song and they begin up the long stairwell to her apartment. This Is where a complete change in the movie's environment can be seen. The whole movie Is nothing but dialogue up until this point. The stairwell was dark and small, much different than the locations of the other scenes as those were majority outside or In Apparels cafes. There Is not one word spoken between the two after Jesse makes a comment of how he loves the old staircases.Does he love them they are the stairs that are leading him in to Saline's world for the first time? Ironically, not a word is said but Just a giggle from Cline as they end their climb. The only thing missing from Jesses life back home is laughter in the home and the only noise in this scene is a laugh from Cline. I chose this scene because it showed where the characters relationship has changed after an hour spent together. The behavior towards each other changed after revealing details of their lives in and ongoing conversation that doesn't seem to miss a beat; it was in this scene that there is silence for the first time.

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What You Need to Know About Being a Dental Hygienist

What You Need to Know About Being a Dental Hygienist There’s more to a bright, healthy smile than flossing- a great dental hygienist has a hand in that too. Hygienists are licensed dental health professionals who work in dentists’ offices, providing patient care and administrative support. They often perform clinical procedures like cleanings, and work with patients to maintain good oral health long after the appointment. The Day-to-DayDental hygienists can be found in a variety of settings, from private dental clinics to public health agencies to specialized healthcare settings like nursing homes and prisons. This is typically a 9-to-5-style job, but may require flexible hours depending on the setting. Many hygienists work full-time, while others choose part-time.Wherever they work, dental hygienists usually treat patients directly, under the supervision of dentists or nurses. They perform tasks like examining patients, reviewing patient histories, removing plaque and stains from teeth, processing x-rays, running diagnos tic tests for the dentist to analyze, educating patients on dental care and follow-up, and offering pre- or post-surgery care.For more on what it’s like to be a dental hygienist, check out this video: The SKiNNY on Dental HygienistsThe RequirementsDental hygienists need to graduate from an accredited dental hygiene program, with an associate’s degree or higher (approximately three years of study). In addition, all states require that practicing dental hygienists pass an exam and become licensed, though the specific requirements vary by state.Read more about licensing and state requirements at the American Dental Hygienist Association.The SkillsThe dental hygiene field calls for a number of special skills and knowledge bases, including:Attention to detailInterpersonal skillsCommunication skillsPatient care techniquesEquipment knowledge and everyday useDiagnostic/analytical skillsClinical knowledgeMany of these can be developed through hygienist education and training pr ograms.The PayThis is a pretty lucrative Allied Health field. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for dental hygienists is $71,520, or $34.38 per hour.The OutlookLicensed dental hygienists will continue to be in hot demand, especially as public and community health initiatives grow. The BLS expects that the field will grow by at least 19% by 2024, much faster than average.If you’re interested in helping patients achieve and maintain that beautiful smile, the dental hygienist career path could be the one for you!Interested? APPLY HERE

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The Use of I in First Person Narration

The Use of I in First Person Narration The Use of â€Å"I† in First Person Narration The Use of â€Å"I† in First Person Narration By Maeve Maddox Graham Broadley wrote: If I am writing a short story in the first person are there any tips or tricks for avoiding the overuse of the word i? My usual writing style leans towards short sentences but this seems to increase the frequency of the word â€Å"I† popping up.   Are longer sentences a way round the problem? Also, Im trying to avoid sentences starting with â€Å"I†.   Do you have any advice, tips and tricks for writing in the first person? It is inevitable that writing in first person will require frequent use of I, me, and myespecially I. This should not present a problem. In a first person narration, the pronoun â€Å"I† is probably as invisible to the reader as the word â€Å"said.† Besides, the point of writing in first person is to establish an intimate bond with the reader. The reader becomes the â€Å"I† of the story. Listen to your own words and thoughts during the course of a day. The word â€Å"I† is probably the most frequent word that forms in your mind and comes from your mouth. Plenty of websites discuss the use of first person narration, but I think the best way to see what works and what doesn’t is to analyze a published work of fiction. You might want to analyze some of your favorite writers to see how they deal with the pronoun I. For example, in preparing this post I took a close look at the way Laurie R. King handles it. Laurie R. King is a prolific writer, averaging a book a year since the publication of her first novel in 1993. She has created not one, but two mystery series. One is set in contemporary California and features Inspector Kate Martinelli. The other is set in the era of Sherlock Holmes and features Mary Russell. King has also written several stand-alone novels. So far I’ve read only some of the Mary Russell books. I find them intelligent, entertaining, and unputdownable. I’ll analyze a few pages to see how King deals with the problems mentioned by our reader. In the first chapter of A Letter of Mary, about 2,000 words, the pronoun â€Å"I† appears 60 times. Note: All of these figures are approximate. Here’s the breakdown on how the pronoun I is distributed: Mary 39 Holmes 7 Dorothy Ruskin (in a letter) 14. The paragraph with the greatest number contains nine: †Megalomania, perhaps; senility, never.† I stood and watched a small fishing boat lying off shore, and I wondered what to do. The work was going slowly, and I could ill afford to take even half a day away from it. On the other hand, it would be a joy to spend some time with that peculiar old lady, whom I indeed remembered very well. Also, Holmes seemed interested. It would at least provide a distraction until I could decide what needed doing for him. â€Å"All right, we’ll have her here a day sooner, then, on the Wednesday. I’ll suggest the noon train. I’m certain Mrs Hudson can be persuaded to leave something for our tea, so we need not risk our visitor’s health. I also think I’ll go to Town tomorrow and drop by the British Museum for a while. Will you come?† Sentence length does not seem to have much to do with the frequency of I. King’s sentences tend to be long. Sentences that begin with the pronoun I don’t particularly jump out. In the analyzed passage, 14 of the narrator’s 39 subject pronouns begin sentences. Bottom line: Write your first person story without worrying about the pronouns. You can always see ways to reduce them in revision, if you think it’s necessary. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Fiction Writing category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:16 Substitutes for â€Å"Because† or â€Å"Because Of†The Possessive ApostropheMay Have vs. Might Have

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Training Budget Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Training Budget - Essay Example The training will start by various preparations so that everything to be in order and will involve both the junior and senior employees in an attempt to nature the young lads towards the management positions and is destined to last for a period of three to four weeks with a view of extension in case the achievement will not have been met. The training will be conducted in venues where the company will deem fit and which is convenient for all staffs. The company will be liable for the transportation costs as from the work station to the training venue where any other travel expense the member pays for her/himself. Participants are estimated to be in the region of 100 members where each person is expected to be provided with an allowance per day so as to motivate the staffs. The company’s cost is also expected to increase as the members will have to be provided with breakfast and lunch. Training will be undertaken by hiring qualified personnel in the management sector in the presence of few feds agents and they will be compensated after the end of the training. The training will be conducted by use of various stationaries. The organization have to purchase for each staff the necessary materials to help them take the analysis in a better way. There would be also hiring of an extra person or acquiring a translator in cases of language barrier to ease communications (Valenti, 2003). Presentation by the trainer is to be done with PowerPoint to make it more clear and employing sound audio systems so that the training can be done in a more effective way. There will be a post-training costs and for the successful implementation of the gains derived from the training facility as without doing so, the training would be useless. Hence a special team will be constituted to oversee the entire process hence making the organizations to incur extra costs (Valenti, 2003). Preparation costs are very useful as it provides